FUNNY FARM by R. Smith
This daily comic has everything you need in strip reading. Strips ranging from one day comical themes to outlandish epic adventures. Stars a cast of six and features an ever increasing cast of extras which help influence the lives of the stars and the events that surround Funny Farm. Some friends, some archetypes of cartoon villainy. Try reading now and witness the strip evolve into the grand story that it is.
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Welcome, and thanks for visiting Keenspot's Bikeeni Summer 2002! As with past years (this is the third year for this annual event!), this site will be host to various pin-ups and pictures created by many of the 40+ Keenspot artists. This section is the place to look to find information and news about this site, as well as the latest on any updates and additions. Again, thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, July 23th
Hey! Look! What do you know, more updates!!!

Monday, June 17th
Summer officially begins on June 20th, and to celebrate its arrival, here are some brand-new pin-ups...

Tuesday, May 21st
Four new pin-ups for todays update...

Monday, May 6th
Here is the second batch of pin-ups. This group includes artwork from creators of Lizard (and Purple Pussy), Greystoneinn, S.S.D.D., Wandering Ones and there are more pinups from the creators of College Roomies From Hell!!!, Elf Life, Fans!, and Fat Jesus.

Two other things... I've created a new page that lists all of the pin-ups featured on this site! CLICK HERE to check it out. And I'm working on a "fan-art" page, so if you have some Bikeeni fan art, please send it my way...

Wednesday, May 1st
Well, this is it. Summer officially begins today. Here is the first batch of pin-ups. In addition to the artists I mentioned last week, this group also includes artwork from creators of Alice!, Clan of the Cats, College Roomies From Hell!!!, Fans!, and Fat Jesus. More pin-ups will be coming soon!...

Thursday, April 25th
The site is almost ready to go. The official launch day for the site is set for Wednesday, May 1st, and the first batch Bikeeni artwork will include pin-ups from the artists who draw Avalon, Wendy, Elflife, Exploitation Now, FunnyFarm, Gene Catlow, Help Desk, It's Walky, and the Mr. Chuck Show! See you in a week,,,

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